Hello and welcome to beingwithchildren.com.

Welcome to Being With Children 1


This is a parenting blog which discusses relationships with children and the inevitable personal growth and soul expansion that comes with parenting.

Association with young people is a beautiful, eye-opening, heartwarming, fun, and deeply rewarding adventure. Simultaneously, being with children is often a challenging, fear-inducing, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting undertaking.


The intense rollercoaster-like experience which is parenthood demands self-reflection. I’m here to support you in whatever way I can through my writings, to take a look at your experience as a parent, what do you want for your family life, and how you can bring your vision and values into reality.

What I Share

  • Soul-centered win/win parenting philosophy
  • Practical advice to support connection to children and self
  • Communication and relationship tools that work
  • Universal spiritual principles and perspectives
  • My personal stories, realizations, and questions


Welcome to Being With Children

My Position

Being With Children is only possible because I decided (along with my husband) to center our family life around what matters to us most: our relationships with God. With this focus, we are creating that our family is aligned and attuned to our unique personalities, gifts, and spiritual qualities. Thus I feel called to start writing about my lifelong passion. 🙂

I’ve been parenting for the last 6 years and prior to that I had 10 years experience working and playing with children in a variety of capacities. I’ve always been deeply inquiring and committed to finding out who are we really. Who is this child and who am I? By holding space for these questions and the answers that come, I’ve learned a lot of workable doable ways for parents and children to realize who they are and experience the connection and meaning we are all searching after.

Parents: this blog’s for you! I give you my heart and soul!

Love of Baby

The Title

The title of this blog Being With Children has the word ‘being’ in it. I think that is important to note. I see that family life improves leaps and bounds when parents tap in to the core and live life from a place of being connected to their spirit, committed to authenticity, and letting their light shine through. Kids love that! Surprise.

The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of the parents.

– C.G. Jung

Truth Be Told

For many of us parents, investing in personal growth or spiritual life can seem like a joke or a far off dream. The honest truth is that many parents are only interested in survival. Getting through the next 9 hours or getting through the next 3 months or the next 2 years may be all we are willing to handle. Parents frequently live in a state of putting off their wants and needs in order to serve the children. We are often pulled to manage and cope instead of thrive in the parent role.

guy sick
My husband with a cold and fever a few years ago. Ain’t no self-reflection happening here!

I feel understanding for parents who are not at all interested in a blog like mine. It’s a valid choice to put off personal growth or to simply not go there.

I do believe you’ll suffer less and find more satisfaction if you give yourself to self reflection activities and contemplate your spiritual existence – right now, while on the parenthood rollercoaster ride.

But be forewarned that growth and change are not comfortable in the least! Yet the liberation is worth it. My experience as a mother is that I’m so much more joyful, alive, surrendered, and purposeful due to letting go of what doesn’t serve me and committing to my life purpose.

So there’s a strong case to be made for you creating that you flourish in your role as parent. I want that for you! Hence the blog…

My Influences

My philosophy and perspectives are influenced by these people/organizations:

Thanks, Subscribe and Enjoy!

I am eager to be in communication with you. Please feel free to comment on posts, ask me questions, challenge me, or tell me a story.

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