Last Week’s Opportunities for Surrender

  • Hurricane
  • Digging trenches to prevent flooding
  • Sandbags at doors to prevent flooding
  • Boards on window
  • Preparing for power outage
  • Ice blocks to keep fridge cold
  • Power out for 7 days
  • Still had running water, hot water, and gas stove for cooking (not too bad at all)
  • Life slowed down
  • Dark at night (what?!)
  • Where to charge devices?
  • Where is internet?
  • Where to do laundry?
  • Rotating blocks of ice in our fridge to keep food cold
  • Communicating became cumbersome
  • Life felt cumbersome in general
  • Connected more with neighbors and friends
  • Contemplated existence in this material world
  • Discomfort moved me to more spiritual focus
  • Homeschool postponed
  • Homeschool easily and pleasantly caught up Thursday and Friday
  • School lessons at parks (beautiful)
  • Take aways:
    • Everything happens for a reason
    • Spiritual life might actually be more alive when things gets uncomfortable
    • Being too comfortable is not supportive for spiritual life
    • My children LOVE homeschooling ❤
    • Surrender, surrender, surrender

week 2 homeschooling hurricane prep 2week 2 homeschool hurricane prep 3IMG_20170910_105733457homeschool week 2 hurricane aftermathFroghomeschooling 5homeschooling outside 3School OutsideLoopshomeschooling outside 2possum creek homeschoolingnature journalhomeschooling 4Dom homeschooling


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