Where You AT?!

Guys – I’m stretching and growing into making videos. Hang in there with me! Definitely more to come and it’s only going to get better! 🙂 This video is all about taking note of your consciousness/energy/mode of operation. And THEN what to do if you prefer to be in a different mode of consciousness. And… Continue reading Where You AT?!

5 Principles of Conscious Living

What does being “conscious” mean anyway? This video will probably raise a lot of questions… That’s ok. Just be with your experience… And write to me to discuss more. Or demand that I answer your question in an upcoming video….

A Six-Step Conscious Communication Structure for Couples

Communication in a relationships is not always easy…. I’m sure you completely understand this from personal experience… When there is conflict or a challenge in a relationship, there are 3 elements needed for meaningful satisfying communication to occur. Willingness, skills, and structure. Willing participants who have enough skill to participate in a communication structure that’s… Continue reading A Six-Step Conscious Communication Structure for Couples

Turning My Parenting Fail into a Parenting Win

I failed for about two hours today at being a patient, calm, and connected mom. I am experiencing sadness and frustration. I feel regret. I wish I made different choices a couple of hours ago… As my husband is putting our sweet resilient children to sleep right now, I’m reflecting on how I’m going to… Continue reading Turning My Parenting Fail into a Parenting Win

Experience Your Experience

If we are indeed eternal spiritual sparks of consciousness, inhabiting these temporary bodies, then indeed we are not our mind, body, and emotions. Of course, we want to take good care of our mind, body, and emotions – yet these thoughts, sensations, and feelings that come and go, are just that: temporary. They are not… Continue reading Experience Your Experience