A Six-Step Conscious Communication Structure for Couples

Communication in a relationships is not always easy…. I’m sure you completely understand this from personal experience… When there is conflict or a challenge in a relationship, there are 3 elements needed for meaningful satisfying communication to occur. Willingness, skills, and structure. Willing participants who have enough skill to participate in a communication structure that’s… Continue reading A Six-Step Conscious Communication Structure for Couples

Did I Just Unknowingly Cultivate Tolerance?!!?!

What?! I’m feeling tolerant. I’m experiencing tolerance… like a saint or a sage or something… This is weird!!! What a strange reprieve from constantly being attached to outcomes, wanting peace and harmony, striving and working for the “perfect” family life. Actually, throughout the last 2 days I am literally LAUGHING out loud at the idea… Continue reading Did I Just Unknowingly Cultivate Tolerance?!!?!

Experience Your Experience

If we are indeed eternal spiritual sparks of consciousness, inhabiting these temporary bodies, then indeed we are not our mind, body, and emotions. Of course, we want to take good care of our mind, body, and emotions – yet these thoughts, sensations, and feelings that come and go, are just that: temporary. They are not… Continue reading Experience Your Experience


Hello and welcome to beingwithchildren.com. About This is a parenting blog which discusses relationships with children and the inevitable personal growth and soul expansion that comes with parenting. Association with young people is a beautiful, eye-opening, heartwarming, fun, and deeply rewarding adventure. Simultaneously, being with children is often a challenging, fear-inducing, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting… Continue reading Welcome!