Becoming the Mom I Was Meant to Be

I know what it’s like to lose yourself as a parent, without even realizing it. Simple Non-Parent Joy Prior to becoming a mom, I cared for children for 11 years. Actually, I discovered 4 years prior to THAT, when I was 16 years old or so, that I have some kind of natural ability in relationships… Continue reading Becoming the Mom I Was Meant to Be

The Dharma of Parenthood

No matter who you were before you became a parent – you are absolutely destined to be humbled, stretched, softened, strengthened, and more loving by the end of your experience of parenthood. This is something to take note of and embrace. What a grand service, to bring a soul through all the changes of body from… Continue reading The Dharma of Parenthood


Hello and welcome to About This is a parenting blog which discusses relationships with children and the inevitable personal growth and soul expansion that comes with parenting. Association with young people is a beautiful, eye-opening, heartwarming, fun, and deeply rewarding adventure. Simultaneously, being with children is often a challenging, fear-inducing, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting… Continue reading Welcome!