Where You AT?!

Guys – I’m stretching and growing into making videos. Hang in there with me! Definitely more to come and it’s only going to get better! 🙂 This video is all about taking note of your consciousness/energy/mode of operation. And THEN what to do if you prefer to be in a different mode of consciousness. And… Continue reading Where You AT?!

Clearing the Air with Father Time

Dear Father Time, I notice that I have some unexpressed/blocked energy with you and I’m ready clear the air so that I can create a harmonious, assertive, yet submissive relationship with you. Firstly, let me express that sometimes I go passive in my relationship with you. Sometimes you seem so powerful, and in the face… Continue reading Clearing the Air with Father Time

Thank You Little Button Pusher

I love my kids. They know EXACTLY where my buttons are and just how and when to push them. Gosh, it’s super great for personal growth to have children! Bring it on! Rip my soul to pieces while you’re at it! Ok so how the heck is this happening that CHILDREN are highly attuned ruthless… Continue reading Thank You Little Button Pusher