Hello and welcome to beingwithchildren.com. About This is a parenting blog which discusses relationships with children and the inevitable personal growth and soul expansion that comes with parenting. Association with young people is a beautiful, eye-opening, heartwarming, fun, and deeply rewarding adventure. Simultaneously, being with children is often a challenging, fear-inducing, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting… Continue reading Welcome!

Thank You Little Button Pusher

I love my kids. They know EXACTLY where my buttons are and just how and when to push them. Gosh, it’s super great for personal growth to have children! Bring it on! Rip my soul to pieces while you’re at it! Ok so how the heck is this happening that CHILDREN are highly attuned ruthless… Continue reading Thank You Little Button Pusher

The Risks and Benefits of Entering a Child’s World

There are risks to diving into a child’s world! For many of us parents, it’s not an easy choice to leave our own worlds completely behind and to be with children wherever they are at. I’d like to discuss the pros and cons of such a choice, of being with children where they are at.… Continue reading The Risks and Benefits of Entering a Child’s World