Last Week’s Opportunities for Surrender

Hurricane Digging trenches to prevent flooding Sandbags at doors to prevent flooding Boards on window Preparing for power outage Ice blocks to keep fridge cold Power out for 7 days Still had running water, hot water, and gas stove for cooking (not too bad at all) Life slowed down Dark at night (what?!) Where to… Continue reading Last Week’s Opportunities for Surrender

Becoming the Mom I Was Meant to Be

I know what it’s like to lose yourself as a parent, without even realizing it. Simple Non-Parent Joy Prior to becoming a mom, I cared for children for 11 years. Actually, I discovered 4 years prior to THAT, when I was 16 years old or so, that I have some kind of natural ability in relationships… Continue reading Becoming the Mom I Was Meant to Be

Clearing the Air with Father Time

Dear Father Time, I notice that I have some unexpressed/blocked energy with you and I’m ready clear the air so that I can create a harmonious, assertive, yet submissive relationship with you. Firstly, let me express that sometimes I go passive in my relationship with you. Sometimes you seem so powerful, and in the face… Continue reading Clearing the Air with Father Time

Within and Without: Simplicity

Hi Parents! Okay. So here’s what I’ve come to understand: If I sincerely want a sacred space within which to attend to what vitally matters to ME and my family – whatever that may be – then I will be greatly inspired, satisfied, and supported when I cultivate simplicity in family life and simple-heartedness within… Continue reading Within and Without: Simplicity

My Internal Experience of Connecting With Children

I’d like to share what it’s like for me when I’m connecting with children. I have always found it easy to be in relationships with children. I experience that my God-given gift in this life is the gift of play. I do not need to work hard to cultivate playfulness. It is just there, accessible. And… Continue reading My Internal Experience of Connecting With Children

The Risks and Benefits of Entering a Child’s World

There are risks to diving into a child’s world! For many of us parents, it’s not an easy choice to leave our own worlds completely behind and to be with children wherever they are at. I’d like to discuss the pros and cons of such a choice, of being with children where they are at.… Continue reading The Risks and Benefits of Entering a Child’s World