Did I Just Unknowingly Cultivate Tolerance?!!?!

What?! I’m feeling tolerant. I’m experiencing tolerance… like a saint or a sage or something… This is weird!!! What a strange reprieve from constantly being attached to outcomes, wanting peace and harmony, striving and working for the “perfect” family life. Actually, throughout the last 2 days I am literally LAUGHING out loud at the idea… Continue reading Did I Just Unknowingly Cultivate Tolerance?!!?!

The Dharma of Parenthood

No matter who you were before you became a parent – you are absolutely destined to be humbled, stretched, softened, strengthened, and more loving by the end of your experience of parenthood. This is something to take note of and embrace. What a grand service, to bring a soul through all the changes of body from… Continue reading The Dharma of Parenthood