Work With Me

Dominique 2017Hey there loving parent!

I’m here to support you in creating the life you want. Starting from wherever you’re at.

As parents we compromise, forget, stall, and numb ourselves to what deeply truly matters to us. Our life purpose. Our vision. Our mission. Our values… And that’s okay.

Or, sometimes we can get bewildered by parenthood. Like, how in the heck do we navigate these relationships — with our partner, and with our children?

There seems to be all these mysterious elements that make life work as a parent… And if you’re like most of us – you have A LOT of learning and soul-searching to do during this time. It’s often overwhelming…

If you want to untangle the confusion, grow in assertiveness, experience the family relationships you deeply desire, and create a life you’re proud of (and meanwhile have fun AND totally serve your partner and children in the process) – let’s get on the phone for a free coaching session. I won’t try to sell you anything! But if you want to hear about my services I’ll be glad to share that info.

Here for you!