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Dominique 2017

Hello Loving Parent. I’m Dominique.

I see you in your devotion. And I see you in your struggle. ❤

Maybe You’re a Loving Parent In Survival Mode

Maybe you’re in survival mode, perpetually putting off your needs, goals, and desires. Your children, no matter what their age, demand your presence and you want to give it to them. You strive to be empathic, conscious, and connected.

Yet the needs of the family never end, and in all of that pouring out of love and devotion, day and night, night and day, you tend to get exhausted, overwhelmed, and stressed. And/or anxious, angry, depressed…

There really is a TON of love in your family!

At the same time, you forget about YOU. As time goes on, you forget to ensure that your life is an expression of your bright loving spirit. You forget to prioritize your dreams and values… You compromise.

If you’re like the rest of us parents, you get stuck…

Maybe You’re Numbing Your Stress

Maybe along the way, as the months and years go on, you accumulate habits and behaviors that serve to numb your stress. You find temporary happiness in these escape mechanisms, and you survive like this and it feels like it works.

Ice Cream, Scrolling on Facebook, Alcohol, Chocolate, Coffee, Shopping, Staying Busy, Staying Up Late at Night. Netflix. Maybe you’re even addicted to your workout routine or your health regimen. You’ve developed your own unique ritual that gratifies a part of you, and you seek out this ritual daily.

Other parents are going through the same thing, so it’s normal. And actually IT IS OKAY to just survive! It’s a valid choice to numb the pain for a little while…

But only for so long… Because what’s happening is you’re accumulating guilt, frustration, anxiety, sadness, and layers of habits. Avoiding Truth, ignoring reminders, stalling to fulfill your ecstatic life purpose, to sink into your BEING, to shine out your inherent radiance.

In the intensity of parenting, and in the busyness of life, you lose touch with important qualities of your soul.

Maybe You’ve Found Friends to Commiserate With, But…

You’ve got some really good excuses too! Not many people, if any at all, are questioning your stuckness because you’re doing what parents do. They get swamped in the service of parenthood. It is understandable to most loved ones that you are hanging out, getting by, stalling, and WAITING.

You find people in your life to commiserate with, and complain to. They understand, they listen, they care. It really helps to connect. Heart Emoticon. (((Virtual Hug)))

And, at the same time, these other parents can be swamped too, so they might not have the skill or ability or intention to actually help you OUT of the swamp. It’s not their fault, but it’s just not their goal or skillset at the moment…

Your Big Life Dream Awaits You

But you need to decide you’re ready for it!

Maybe you know you need to take a stand for something in your family that you’ve been avoiding – like less busyness or less sugar or less screen time.Maybe you know it’s time to work on your marriage – to clear the blocked energy, renew closeness, and have fun again.

And in reality, you need support. You’re going to face challenges, emotions, and confusion as you transform.

I’m a mom to two young children, and by the grace of God and by the will of my spirit — SOMEHOW OR ANOTHER — I’m on the other side of that stressed-numbed-and-waiting paradigm. I went from anxious and angry to making a choice to honor my honest truth, to living playfully and connected to my spiritual purpose. Read the whole story of my transformation here.

I’m available to support you out of the cycle of stressed-overwhelmed-exhausted-numbing-ignoring-waiting-feeling-like-a-victim.

This is Your Life and It Matters

You have a unique journey ahead of you that’s unlike any other parent out there. And despite having read almost ALL the parenting books, and having subscribed to 50 blogs, and even experiencing successes and connection and joy here and there — you might be realizing you need something substantial to get you to a higher stage of THRIVING.

I’m ready and excited to meet you at this juncture, in your process of creating a serious and substantial breakthrough. OR, maybe you’re going to create a series of tiny breakthroughs that add up to a life you’re proud of! I’m so there cheering you on!

I’ll be glad to walk a little ways with you, as your personal life coach.

What Awaits You on the Other Side of Coping and Surviving?

You and your children deserve the FULL EXPRESSION of you – shining, celebrating, and playing as you go about your life.

I realize there are very real obstacles in your life and I’m also taking a stand for you. I do not believe you are powerless. Where there’s a will there’s a way! You do not have to be chronically stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. You do not have to be dissatisfied.

You do not have to wait to experience the joy of your soul.

Your Breakthrough Process

My support to you as your coach is 2-fold:

1) I will hold non-judgmental space for WHEREVER you are at. YOU are the expert in your life and YOU know where you need to focus, at what pace you want to move, what are your goals, and what you want and need.

2) When needed, I can offer tips and guidance in terms of goal setting, relationships with children, communication skills, and spiritual support. (A complete list of my services is below.)

I’m here to follow your lead, and if you’re swimming in the dark sometimes, I’ve got some light to share as we get you out of the murkiness that can be parenting sometimes!

Parents who work with me are getting a coach who has intensively worked and PLAYED with children for 19 years of her life. You are also getting someone who has dived, and dived fully and completely (and still dives fully and completely!), into personal growth for the past 16 years of her life.

The uncovering of your shining spirit is a natural process that will ABSOLUTELY take place under the right conditions. Breakthroughs are your birthright!

I realize the complexities of being in a partnership, how there’s pressure in family life, and what it takes to REACH BEYOND the communication barriers and create closeness and understanding with your partner.

More About Me

I’ve been through extensive communication, counseling, and coach training during the last 16 years of my life: Reevaluation Counseling teacher, Bachelor of Social Work, Domestic Violence Advocate and Counseling, Transformative Communication training and coach training with Satvatove Institute.

But really, above all of the training is my on-the-job experience playing with children. It’s my life’s work. I SO get them. Half of the reason I do what I do is because I love kids so much. I love parents too, don’t worry! 🙂 Plenty of love in this heart to go around!

I’m here for parents who are READY for a life of purpose, joy, and play. Not later, but now.

I pray that I can serve God by utilizing my gifts, skills, and knowledge in support to you.

But I want to be real with you. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time. I experience challenges, emotions, fear, etc. I’m a real person, I’m on a journey too, and at the same time, I have a lot to offer so I’m giving what I’ve got. Amazing thing is, when I serve you, the joy comes back to me exponentially. Because this is MY life purpose. WIN-WIN.

Parents Can and Do Break Through!

I see the pain of parents and children. Stressed parents. Stressed kids. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

I also see parents who are quite skilled with parenting, but there’s some life areas that are struggling to thrive. So what YOUR personal growth looks like is completely unique, and valid.

You don’t need to be at rock bottom to get support.

If you are interested in working together, I’m offering a FREE 30-minute coaching session.

This session is for you to create a mini-realization or a mini-step forward in your life! It can make a big difference, so please don’t hesitate to get this free support.

Click below to EMAIL ME and schedule our session:

Yes I Want a Free Coaching Session!

During this 30-minute session, you will get a feel for what it is like to work with me and if you want to continue receiving coaching from me.

You can create the transformation in your parenthood experience that you’re desiring.

You can go from overwhelmed to finding simple satisfaction.

You can go from functioning fine to mastery and excellence.

You can calm the stress.

You can find your purpose and take ACTION STEPS to live a life with deep soul-level joy.

Whenever. You. Are. Ready.

I’m deeply enthused to co-create with you personalized support to get YOU, in your unique life and relationships, OUT of the stagnant dynamics and into an steady experience of love, joy, and play.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

My Approach and Specialties

Here’s what I bring to the table as your life coach:

  • A judgment-free sacred space for you to discover what’s true for you
  • Support with doable goal-setting that sets you up for success
  • Empathy training
  • Assertiveness and conscious communication training
  • Relationship support with your partner
  • Playful parenting consultation
  • Simplicity and rhythm consultation
  • Consultation on supporting your child’s emotions
  • Spiritual coaching

So take a moment to think about what you would be ecstatic to transform in your family life.

What is your vision and mission for your life in the next 3, 6, and 12 months? How will you feel if you’ve transformed that one thing or those several things that are stagnant/frustrating/stressful?

Think about it. Or let’s talk it through with a free 30-minute call that’s all about you discovering what you want.

Yes I Want a Free Coaching Session!


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I’m here, Loving Parent. I see you. I care. Looking forward to being of service one way or another.